Hanna's Dream Mission Statement

"Our Mission is to help children heal through creative activity and expression. We are dedicated to fostering a child's self awareness through art and awareness about art. All of the Hanna's Dream board members are volunteers and receive no compensation for our work. We are all believers in Hanna's original vision and work hard to ensure her dream is a reality!"

 Hanna's Dream Foundation Mission:

Hanna's Dream - About the Dream

Officially founded in 2007, Hanna’s Dream was able to make 8 domestic and international donations that first year, averaging 5-6 per year after that. The publicity after Hanna’s passing drove in donations that first year. Since 2008, Hanna’s Dream has been able to collect and distribute more than $25,000 worth of art supplies in more than 30 donations. Most of their donated materials and money come from their annual week-long art drive in May around Hanna’s birthday to celebrate her life. After the drive, they choose the donation recipients based on volunteer suggestions, articles, or anything else that inspires them.

Throughout the year, they make local, domestic, and international donations with whatever comes in and what is left over from the art drive. They have traveled to India and Mexico with donations, as well as sending art supplies to Haiti.
Hanna’s Dream is an all-volunteer organization (including Robin) dedicated to sharing love, hugs, healing, and soul through art. Robin notes there is no heart without ART. Their efforts have impacted more than 5,000 children internationally (Fiji, India, Mexico, and Haiti) and domestically (Montana, California, Arizona, Washington).

 Help Fulfill the Dream

Hanna's Dream lives on through the donations of art supplies and monetary donations from generous individuals and organizations. All donations are used strictly for the expansion of Hanna’s Dream, Inc. Our organization is operated solely by volunteers who are dedicated to improving the lives of children domestically and abroad.
Help Fulfill a Child's Dream