Hanna's Dream Board

Our Mission is to help children heal through creative activity and expression. We are dedicated to fostering a child's self awareness through art and awareness about art. All of the Hanna's Dream board members are volunteers and receive no compensation for our work. We are all believers in Hanna's original vision and work hard to ensure her dream is a reality!
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 Meet Hanna's Dream Board Below!


 Robin J. Lyon

 President & Founder
Robin comes to Hanna’s Dream by way of her daugher, Hanna. Robin is dedicated to helping Hanna fulfill her dream by creating and implementing Hanna’s Dream, Inc. Robin is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word; she owns and operates a business in Kalispell, MT.
Robin holds a bachelors degree in business management, is the mother of two children, Hanna and Bayden. She currently resides in Kalispell, MT.

 Lori Luna

 Vice President/Public Relations
Vice President/Public RelationsLori became apart of Hanna’s Dream because she believed in the Mission and the Dream. She brings creativity, experience and passion to the organization. Lori has over 20 years of business experience having come from major corporations such as The Southern California Gas Company and ticketmaster, to name a few.
Lori holds a bachelors degree in business management and currently resides in Northern California.

 Desirae E. McDonough

Desirae comes to Hanna’s Dream through a long term friendship with Robin, Hanna & Bayden and her belief in children and their happiness. Desirae has been in the mortgage industry for over 10 years but she has a deep passion for helping children. She currently resides in Victor, Montana with her husband Tom.

 Willa Manger

Willa comes to Hanna's Dream through her friendship with Robin and her love of Hanna. Willa holds a bachelors degree in business management and has previously been an income and business tax auditor and a payroll administrator. Her full time and most important job as of now is being a Mom to her two children and loving every minute of it. She is passionate about children and their happiness and is committed to fulfilling Hanna's dream.
Willa resides in Kalispell with her husband Jason and her son Rielly, and daughter Abi.

 Jacque Norman

 Board Member
Jacque came to know Hanna through work experience with Robin, which led to a deep friendship with Jacque and her family. Hanna's incredible generosity and loving memory is what brings Jacque to join Hanna's Dream. Jacque endeavors her degree with a background is in business management and accounting. Jacque assisted Robin in running 3 businesses.
A natural born singer winning many competitions, Jacque is the lead vocalist in the popular Montana band the Copper Mountain Band; she recorded the song on our website and blog in remembrance of Hanna.
Jacque resides in Troy, MT with her husband Nathan, her son Cody & daughter Story.

 Patricia Janicki

Patricia is an active part of Hanna's Dream, serving other countries with donations and activations in communities such as La Paz Mexico. She is passionate to see children be able to express the love of God through art and watch as children share love through art to others. She shares the vision of other Hanna's Dream board members who work selflessly to see the eyes of a child light up with passion and color our world with love. Currently residing in Kalispell, Montana, Patricia enjoys being a grandmother and has worked extensively in children's ministry.

 Hanna M. Cinci

Hanna is the true founder of Hanna’s Dream. It is because of Hanna and her “dream” to help others that this organization came about.
Hanna lives in Heaven with her Lord and Savior.